The PhaseLibs project compiles a set of various algorithms with a layered architecture for the purpose of Ontology Alignment. Once in a productive state, the project will offer and support custom tailored combinations of algorithms to fit different application scenarios of ontology alignment.


  • [06.08.06] Developers: I (Björn) created a protoype of a simple GUI to test/tune algorithms, the PhaseLibTuner.
  • [20.07.06] The alignment visualisation (VizAlign) system is now available to analyse alignments, e.g. for tuning purposes.
  • [29.06.06] On the initiative of Benjamin Horak, we do now have an AlignmentOntology. Im- and Exporters for PhaseLibs alignment structures as well as an integration/alignment with other ontologies are also available.
  • [09.06.06] Good news everyone! Just in time for the world cup kick off, we finally fixed some major bugs concerning the owl adapter and the evaluation. See the impact of these changes here.


All potential users are to take notice that this project is not yet in a stable nor productive state. There is, however, already an Installation Guide. Please refer to the general Documentation for further information.

Also, you might want to have a look at our preliminary evaluation results. However, these are outdated, we'll publish corrected values soon.


Nothing released yet.


Developers should have a look at the developers' section for news and changes.

The Project is currently being developed by the following people:

License Issues

The PhaseLibs open source project is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Optional components (such as OntologyAdapters, SimilarityMeasures, etc.) may apply other licenses, depending on the libraries used. Check the module documentation for particular licenses.

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